Program BNPG 11-12 April 2024 in Bonn

THURSDAY, 11.04.

8.30–9.00 Registration

9.00–9.15 Welcome words

 1st session

01: 9.10-9.30 – Volker Demuth, Pottery in a changing world – how to relate archaeological research on ceramics to contemporary academic trends?

02: 9.30-9.50 – Sebastiaan Ostkamp & Aleike van de Venne, The Deventer system as a tool

03: 9.50-10.10 – Martin Rogier, Observations on stick-powered potter's wheels based on practical experience

04: 10.10-10.30 – Lisa Robson, Changing Practices of Ceramic Display in the Museums by offering Haptic Interface

05: 10.30-10.50 – Michael Lingohr, Keramik als Politikum. „Religiöses Brauchgut“ im Dienst katholischer Selbstbewahrung im Nationalsozialismus

 COFFEE BREAK 10.50–11.15

 2nd session

06: 11.15-11.35 – Alise Gunnarsone, Medieval pottery from Koknese castle as signifier of the dominant trade relations

07: 11.35-11.55 – Riikka Tevali, Pottery as a trade good

08: 11.55-12.15 – Maxime Poulain, Medieval German presence in the Zwin harbour system as seen through ceramics

09: 12.15-12.35 – Jesper Langkilde, Medieval pottery from the episcopal town of Roskilde, Denmark

10: 12.35-12.55 – Derek Hall, Stoneware pottery in Scotland and Ireland

 LUNCH 13.00–14.30

 3rd session

11: 14.30-14.55 – Stephanie Rátkai, Crowland Abbey Ware: what is it, where is it  and why is it?

12: 14.55-15.15 – Yannick Signer, Potting landscapes: a novel approach to study the development of pottery production in the medieval landscapes of Northern England

13: 15.15-15.35. – Detlef Wilke, Christian Röser & Christoph Keller, The multitude of yellow iron painted earthenwares - geochemical provenancing of high medieval Rhenish pottery

14: 15.35-15.55 – Niels Jennes, Vince Van Thienen, Elly Heirbaut, Rhenish-style pottery production in the Kempen area (Flanders, Belgium)

15: 15.55-16.15 – Christoph Keller, Langerwehe – An overview on 850 years of pottery production


16.30-18.00(ish) – A view of finds from production sites in the Rhineland.

 20.00 OFFICIAL DINNER AT "Em Höttche" Markt 4, Bonn.

 FRIDAY, 12.04.

16: 9.00-9.20 (8.40-9.00) – Rachel King, The new Thomas Bequest of German Stoneware at the British Museum: Examining a Time Capsule

17: 9.20-9.40 (9.00-9.20) – Marion Roehmer, Erki Russow. Renaissance-era Siegburg Stoneware in Estonia: Finds and Sites, Motifs and Messages

18: 9.40-10.00 (9.20-9.40) – Stefanie Bilz, A world of images in shards. Stove tiles from the late Gothic period in Saxony

19: 10.00-10.20 (9.40-10.00) – Joakim Kjellberg, Erik Johansson and Torbjörn Brorsson, Medieval glazed redware from Uppsala, Sweden – local production or import?

20: 10.20-10.40 (10.00-10.20) – Arvi Haak, Erki Russow, Ceramic cupels in Tartu and Tallinn

 COFFEE BREAK 10.40-11.15 (10.20-11ish)

 21: 11.15-11.35 (11.00-11.20) – Mathias Bäck & Georg Haggrén, Putting together the very first and the latest pottery find from Turku, Finland

22: 11.35-11.55 (11.20-11.40) – Ilze Reinfelde, Assemblage of Ceramic vessels from Latrine filling in Riga, Mārstaļu Street: Example of Rigaers' Household Culture in 17th - 18th century.

23: 11.55-12.15 (11.40-12.00) – Michał Starski, A well set of finds. Assortment of ceramic vessels from a well in Puck, Gdańsk Pomerania from 17th and 18th ct.

24: 12.15-12.35 (12.00-12.20) – Sören Pfeiffer, Lyn Blackmore, Torbjörn Brorsson, Nigel Jeffries, Vanessa Harding, Christoph Keller, Natascha Mehler, Erik Odegard, Jacqui Pearce, Marion Roehmer, Christian Röser, Michael Schmauder, Bly Straube, Bartmann goes global – from the Rhineland into the world

 LUNCH – 12.30-14.00

 25: 14.00-14.20 – Robert Bergman Carter, Red clay tobacco pipes made in Gothenburg in the 1630s

26: 14.20-14.40 – Natascha Mehler, Clay pipes and tobacco in Orkney and Shetland: understanding global trade and consumption

27: 14.40-15.00 – Vaiana Vincent, A century of earthenware production in Lille through ten years of urban archaeological operations

28: 15.00-15.20 – Thomas Kersting, Ceramics in NS Camp Contexts


 29: 16.00-16.20 – Maija Helamaa, The other ceramic objects – a case study from an early modern town

30: 16.20-16.40 – Vineta Skalberga, An Overview of the Pottery Collection at Bauska Castle (16th-17th century)

31: 16.40-17.00 – Anders Hartwig, Frauke Witte, The use and distribution of stoneware in North Slesvig

32: 17.00-17.20 – Veronica Forsblom Ljungdahl, Jeanette Gustavsson & Tom Wennberg, Import of Chinese porcelain to Gothenburg by the Swedish East India Company 1735-1806

 POSTERS (Size A1, 841x594 mm).

Magdalena Bis, Workshops and wares. Current state of research on the slipware in post-medieval Poland

 Torbjörn Brorsson & Sonia Jeffery, The medieval pottery from Lödöse in western Sweden – a cultural historical and scientific study.

 Niels Jennes, A new 9th/10th century regional production from the eastern part of Flanders, Belgium?


SATURDAY, 13.04. Excursion to Westerwald and Siegburg (extra charge of 30 EUR)

 - Preliminary program
 8.30 - Departure from Bonn

10.00 Visit of the Museum at Höhr-Grenzhausen, Westerwald. Annette Zeischka-Kenzler will kindly give a guided tour of the museum

12.00 transfer to Siegburg and lunch in Siegburg

14.30/15.00 Visit of the City Museum Siegburg. Marion Roehmer will give a 2 h guided tour.

17.00 return to Bonn


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