Baltic and North Atlantic Pottery Research Group 

5th Meeting in Bonn, 11-12 April 2024

The Baltic and North Atlantic Pottery Research Group (BNPG) is a group of archaeologists, historians, art historians and other scholars with a passion for medieval and post-medieval pottery produced and traded within Northern Europe. It was established in 2016 with the aim of bringing together specialists from different regions to meet and exchange knowledge.

Following the very successful first four meetings in Stockholm 2016, Tallinn 2018, Stralsund 2020 and Bergen 2022, we decided to meet again in two years in Bonn, Germany.

At our BNPG meeting in April in Bonn, we will listen to 32  papers on medieval and later ceramics and clay pipes from different parts of Europe (see the preliminary programme). In addition, at least three posters will present different materials.
On Saturday, there will also be an excursion to the pottery museums in the Westerwald and in Siegburg to have a look at stoneware from two of the most important production sites in Europe. Information about the excursion is in the last page in the added document of the schedule.

The conference fee is EUR 50, which includes the conference and coffee, but not lunch. The cost of the excursion is 30 EUR because we must rent a bus/coach. (On Saturday, also everyone pays for their own lunch in Siegburg.)

On Thursday 11 April, we will have a conference dinner at "Em Höttche" ( and the cost of the dinner has not yet been determined. We will come back with more information.

The last day to register for the conference is March 1.

 Organizing committee for the meeting:

Torbjörn Brorsson, Lund. Erki Russow, Tallinn. Christoph Keller, Bonn. Christian Röser, Bonn.

Participants of the meeting in Bergen in 2022.

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