Program BNPG 2-3 April 2020 in Stralsund

20+5 mins per paper

Thursday (2.04.2020) - Stralsund town hall, Kollegiensaal

8.30–9.00 Registration

9.00–9.15 Welcome words

9.15 – 10.30 1st session

1 Volker Demuth, Examining Pottery in the North – Where, Why and for Whom?

2 Derek Hall, Ceramic DNA – creating an Open Access online resource of European ceramic chemical data

3 Torbjörn Brorsson and Jens Ulriksen, Sukow Ware in Zealand, Denmark? Viking Age pottery from the landing site of Vester Egesborg. Import, inspiration or coincidence in Viking Age pottery style

4: “5 MIN PAPER”: Mathias Blobel, The Borgund Kaupang Project


10.30 – 11.00 COFFEE BREAK


11.00 – 12.15 2nd session

5 Torbjörn Brorsson, The earliest Baltic Ware in Lund and southern Scandinavia

6 Alise Gunnarssone, How was Baltic ware made – what do we know and what is an assumption 7 Erik Johansson, The change in ceramic household utensils during the Scandinavian high middle ages, circa 1150–1250 CE


12.15 – 13.30 LUNCH


13.30 – 15.20 3rd session

8 Dovilė Baltramiejūnaitė, Between Old and New: Spread of Wheel-turned Pottery in the Region of Balts

9 Bogdan Kościński, Kugeltopf type pottery in the thirteenth century Gdansk 10 Riikka Tevali and Georg Haggrén, Late 13th/early 14th-century stoneware in Finnish Medieval Sites

11 Elisabeth Holmqvist-Sipilä, Andreas Koivisto and Tuuli Heinonen, Lead-glazed redware pottery and glazing technologies in medieval coastal Finland (14–16th c. CE)

15.10-15.20/15.25 BNPG meeting: issue of next meeting, managing commitee






9.00 – 10.15 1st session

12 Ralf Kluttig-Altmann, Catching the U.F.O. Brickware lids – a mysterious kind of archaeological object from the late middle ages and early modern period with new finds from Pomerania and Saxony-Anhalt

13 Arvi Haak, On brick making and brickware products in medieval Tartu

14 Frauke Witte, The wall of Valdemar the Great of the Danevirke – the early brick in the North


10.15–10.45 COFFEE BREAK

10.45 – 12.25 2nd session

15 Maija Helamaa, Red or white? Glimpses of the 17th–18th Century Ceramics in Turku, Finland

16 Christoph Keller, Westerwald stoneware from a 17th-century kiln-site at Höhr-Grenzhausen

17 Jette Linaa, The production, acquisition and consumption of Dutch-type pottery in Elsinore, Aalborg, Aarhus and Nya Lödöse

18 Jeanette Gustavsson and Veronica Forsblom Ljungdahl, Stove tiles from Nya Lödöse 


12.30 – 13.45 LUNCH

13.45 – 15.00 3rd session 19 Gerald Volker Grimm, The Stralsund art pottery – Masterpieces for an Obscure Market 

20 Erki Russow et al, Valencian lustreware in the Baltic: what, when and where?

21 Ulf Petzschmann, A new discovered pottery production site of horn-painted slipware from Dessau at the Elbe river (Saxony-Anhalt/Germany) 


15.00 – 15.30 COFFEE BREAK


15.30 – 16.45 4th session

22 Michal Starski, The assortment of late-medieval pottery from the urban quarter of the Gdańsk Main Town (Rechtstadt)

23 Ilze Reinfelde, Late 17th–18th century ceramics from Riga, Kungu street. Imports and eventual local products

24 Tom Wennberg, Itinerant Knowledge – Mercantilism, Swedish Faience and Baltic Rococo During the 18th Century

25 Felix Biermann, Medieval ceramics from the Cistercian Nunnery of Seehausen (Northern Brandenburg)


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